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Looking for a web designer for your local business here on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia?

Web Design In Sunshine Coast BC CommunitiesDo you own and run your local business in any of these Sunshine Coast, BC communities?

  • Langdale
  • Gibsons
  • Roberts Creek
  • Wilson Creek
  • Davis Bay
  • Sechelt
  • Halfmoon Bay
  • Secret Cove
  • Pender Harbour
  • Madiera Park
  • Garden Bay
  • Egmont
  • Earl’s Cove
  • Saltery Bay
  • Powell River
  • Tla’ amin
  • Lund

We created this site to draw attention to the incredible marketing power of owning a properly designed and managed “online presence”: a high quality, unique responsive website, a managed, content rich social media package (Facebook, Google+, Google My Business, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest and/or Instagram) and the benefits to your local, small or micro business of reaching out, connecting with and creating lasting relationships with your customers, clients and visitors.

When was your local business website created? If within the past year then you are probably in good shape, using current web site technology, design styles and coding. If your site though is more than a year old… well… a LOT has changed in the past 2 yrs.

Social Media Marketing for Local Businesses on the Sunshine Coast BCNot only have web design styles changed dramatically, but the actual “concepts” of the internet have tremendously changed. Internet speeds (mobile, wireless & home/business) have greatly increased, the bandwidth capabilities of devices has shown amazing growth, the power, capabilities and omnipresence of mobile devices (smartphones, superphones, tablets, micro-computers) has grown exponentially… and most of all – the ability to connect with people, the virility of communication and sharing and the sheer numbers that a person can touch in one click has blown up! Social media has blossomed into a mega-culture all on its own and people are hooked.

It is time to capitalize on these huge changes! Take a good hard look at your online presence and ask yourself… “Is it working for my business?”

Read up on just what Modern Web Design encompasses today.

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